How To : Unhide folder hidden causes by "shortcut" virus

When the directory is infected with shortcut virus, some believe that all the folders or files in the directory were disappeared and not hidden since "show hidden files" option did not help. Actually, all the folder are hidden using other different attribute. The folders are converted to 'protected operating system file' by the virus; which mean we cannot see the folder using "show hidden file option" or changing the attribute like we always did in the file properties.To change the attribute we can use command prompt (cmd) or any necessary third-party software.

To unhide folder hidden with 'protected operating system file' attribute:

1. Open directory (which was infected with Shortcut Virus).

2. Make new notepad file (right click anywhere > new > text document)

3. Rename new text document with your desired name + *.bat. e.g. unhidefolder.bat (if you unable to rename the extension, you should unchecked "Hide extensions for known file types" located in organize > folder and search option > view tab. - windows 7 user)

4. Edit *.bat file that you created earlier by right clicking on the file >edit. This will launch the notepad.

5. Copy this code onto the notepad:

attrib -h -r -s /s /d *?

6. Save.

7. Run *.bat by double clicking on it. Wait for a few seconds until you see your folder appear.

Notes : The *.bat file should be in the same directory as the hidden folder.

Tip: If you see unrecognized *.exe file after unhide the folder, delete it. It must be a virus. e.g. asjgha.exe

Term: *.bat refer to Batch file, *.exe refer to Executable file

Tip2: You can hide your folder with more powerful attribute (than changing the properties) manually by reversing the code given above.

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